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a sample chyron from a new story (with a pun on underwear).

Chyron: Text added to the bottom of a video to provide context as to what is being shown. Chyrons are most often seen during news programs to help viewers quickly identify the topic being discussed.

The word chyron originates from the company of the same name. The Chyron corporation pioneered the addition of text at the bottom of a video. Just as a "xerox" has come to be a synonym of a photocopy, or a "google" is a synonym of a web internet search, a chyron is now the text at the bottom of a video broadcast.

Chyrons at

The APIs do not natively add chyrons to your video, but it is an easy thing to add using broadcast software.

The demo allows you to stream your screen & camera, while adding a chyron to the bottom of the screen. The chyron can be changed on the fly during the recording - it is being drawn on the HTML canvas that is being recorded.