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5x faster
upload times

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5x faster
upload times



Upload times
up to 33s

times up to 33s

High security and reliability

  • In-house infrastructure
  • No dependencies on 3rd parties entities
  • Secure API authentication
  • 99% uptime to guarantee your video availability
  • EU video laws apply leading to security & reliability

Flexible pricing plans

  • No limits per seats
  • No limits on videos’ size
  • Pay monthly with no annual commitments
  • No secret charges (storage or bandwidth)
  • Free of charge sandbox environment to test all features

EU-located customer support & video hosting

  • Customer support is located in EU
  • Quick response times
  • One-to-one customer support
  • Our video hosting servers are based in EU


Outsourcing infrastructure & database

  • Video-delivery service based on Google Cloud which means less control over their data and monitoring
  • US video laws apply leading to less security and reliability for customers

Rigid pricing plans

  • Expensive pricing plans as soon as you scale
  • Pricing with seat limitations
  • Bandwidth limitations
  • Mandatory annual subscriptions

Support with long waiting times

  • No set SLAs
  • Customers receive mostly email support with slow response time
  • No human-to-human communication with the Vimeo chatBot

Faster video upload times has one of the fastest video upload times. From the moment you upload to the moment your video is ready to playback is a matter of a few seconds

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“We had no experience at all on web development and needed to find a way to implement video management on our product easily: upload, host and deliver… solution is easy to use, complete and their customer support is really helpful.”

Nicolas Heugas, CEO, @Beeready

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