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Mentia: Revolutionizing dementia care with the the help of videos

Their challenge: streaming private and secured video content directly into a game engine.

Mentia Testimonial

Video Transcription Technology has played a huge role in the medical field and in the last couple of decades, we've seen incredible advancements in treating all kinds of conditions. Mentia is a company focused on people suffering from dementia. Here's what they're doing to revolutionize the way we care for people who have this condition.


Serge: We deliver a virtual world that brings wellness to people with dementia. And that helps the caregiver in their difficult tasks. We aim to help people with dementia to do some activities which are difficult, like brushing teeth, like cleaning themselves.

So that's the virtual world, which you can see in my background. That's one of the rooms this virtual world has been co-designed with people with dementia.

As you can see, there is a television here, and this television is, meant to deliver content. most content comes from YouTube or Vimeo. But we also wanted to offer the possibility for the family to send a nice message to their loved one, who is in the assisted living so we were looking for a solution where someone could take a video, through a smartphone, post the video in a place where then the video would be visible by the person inside the virtual world. We asked Serge about the main challenges they fast when integration Video virtual World.


Serge: The biggest issue we faced is that the virtual world is developed using a game engine, which is unity 3D.and it's not that easy to stream content inside unity 3D. You know, even with YouTube, sometimes we have, issues to Stream the content inside unity 3D. I mean, streaming movies, videos Inside unity 3D is not Something which is straightforward, And so when we realized that this was possible, that was really enough. We than asked Serge, what in particular stood out about


Serge: First of all, the quality of the API. That's very important, the system must not, have issues. There is nothing worse than, the impossibility to watch a video. The idea is, of course, contrary to the YouTube video, which everyone can see, we must be sure that only the person with dementia can see the video, which is, directed to her. So it's very important that we feel safe that those video won't be, distributed to anyone else than, that person, which for us is very important.