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Integrating videos into an SEO tool inbound marketing funnel. Testimonial

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Michel: was really growing with me. Instead of me having to really step in very high to get API functionality. So I can connect my user base with whoever gets to access the videos. That is what made it very interesting for us to try. There is a never ending list of tasks for online marketeers nowadays, and when you're a product owner, things can get pretty hectic…

Finding interesting ways to promote your product or service can be a challenge. Here is what Michel Kant, founder of Flipstream, did for his pure SEO provider to boost visibility, leads and sales...


Michel: So we decided to build a university. We call it the Flipstream University, and for now it only contains the SQL course. Initially I wanted to put it purely on the marketing website and just to host the videos there. And then okay, it became a little bit more complicated than that.

I saw that it would be handy, actually, to put it at least behind a login, so that I would get people's email address. People would get to sign up for for Flipstream. Then I decided to make most of the course free, just so that anybody can just come in. From a marketing perspective,

I wanted to have something that I can give away that is high quality. Basically so good that people who really enjoy this will be like, why is this free? But then I realized, okay, I do want to have like see if I can make some, maybe some form of revenue if I scale this up.

So there are like 90% of the lessons. Ten out of the 12 hours that I have right now is for free. And then the rest that I'm going to start producing will be behind the upgraded version. We then asked Michael about how Flipstream integrated into thier awesome new Inbound Marketing Funnel.


Michel: I think I even emailed with one of your colleagues once or twice with the idea that I had. I looked at your documentation a lot. Because that gives me a very good idea, always, if I could pass it on to the dev team. So it's good that that's open and, that I could go through by myself and get an idea.

All this is relatively simple to at least do proof of concept. now that we have everything working with, with, we will also put a lot of like help videos and all that stuff, which is going to host it also with you. because it is so easy. Like the API just works. Especially in our new solution we're going to be using in a lot.

So I can just record a quick loom, download it, polish it if needed, upload it, and then we can, like, trigger it anywhere that we need to without having to use any, like I would say, third party platform, but you are a third but it feels so integrated that it feels like we're hosting it ourselves.




Michel: The $$$ a month for us is not Worth like even trying to save another 50% on that on like if we could host it on Google. But then like if my developers need to work five hours on that, I can spend months using your solution, and getting it implemented over using the Google Cloud.