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Video Player SDK for mobile and desktop -

Easily control and interact with the HTML5 Player with this handy SDK.

About the Player

We developed a versatile online video player designed for developers. It offers features like bitrate streaming from 360p to 4k, customization options, prefect playback quality and support for live and on-demand videos.

The player is compatible with various platforms and devices, including web, mobile, and smart TVs. Additionally, it includes analytics and security features, making it suitable for a wide range of video streaming applications.

About the Video Player SDK from

When developing a video-based web or mobile application, use the Player SDK to control and interact with the HTML5 Player.

Multiple installation methods are available to you:

  • Method #1: requirejs
  • Method #2: typescript
  • Method #2: simple include in a javascript project

Know that it is also possible to integrate the SDK in a page that already contains an embedded player in order to control it and to listen to its events.


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