Flutter Live Stream Client

Use this Flutter Live Stream client to create a streaming experience for your users, using their smartphone camera.

Flutter & api.video

About Flutter

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit from Google for building natively compiled applications across mobile, web, and desktop platforms using a single codebase. It's known for its fast development cycle, expressive UI, and support for hot reload, making it popular among developers for building beautiful and responsive apps.

About the Flutter Live Stream client from api.video

Enable the live streaming functionality within your Flutter app using api.video. To do that, first you will need to set up a Flutter environment and an integration with api.video's live streaming API.

You will also need few components for your integration, such as:

  • UI components for managing live streams.
  • Networking components for communicating with the api.video servers.
  • Event handling components for managing live stream events.


To be able to broadcast, you need to change some permissions:

  • On Android: ask for internet, camera and microphone permissions
  • On iOS: update the Info.plist with a usage description for camera and microphone


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