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product videos to boost your e-commerce sales

5 ways to utilize product videos to boost your e-commerce sales

Take a look at 5 interesting ways in which you can integrate product videos to your e-commerce website. Explore some instances of how major brands are doing it.

Arushi Gupta

April 30, 2024

How often have you dropped the idea of buying a product because the images were not enough to make a decision? Or when you buy clothing items online, do you not scroll through the images and videos to see a clothing item from every angle? Do you not scout the internet for reviews and real videos of an expensive product before hitting ‘buy now’?


You most probably do.


That’s where e-commerce product videos come into play.

Statistics prove the value of product videos for e-commerce

According to Statista, an individual spends an average of at least 6 hours on the internet everyday. They are either watching videos, replying to emails, texting or most probably filling their shopping cart on e-commerce websites. Another report says that 70% of the US population shops online and by 2024 and online sales globally are estimated to reach $7 trillion!


Product videos on online shopping websites are becoming a key element today. Creatively shot product videos attract customers and spark curiosity in them to know more about the product. Studies have confirmed that 85% of consumers have purchased a product after watching the product videos.


Let’s say, you are booking a rental home for your vacation on rental home websites like Airbnb. Would one image and a poorly written description suffice for you to make a decision? Would you not prefer to be given images of the property, the rooms, kitchen, interiors, and the neighboring space and a video tour to make an informed decision?


As per a survey by Think By Google, more than 55% consumers find videos helpful to make purchase decisions. Another survey done by Wyzowl shows that 91% of people have watched a video to learn about the product or the service and 82% of the people became convinced to purchase the product or the service.

product videos stats for e-commerce

So if such a large percentage of people are spending time watching product videos, how do you utilize them smartly for your e-commerce business?

How to use product videos for your e-commerce business

Placement of cool product videos that show exactly what you do, can be the difference between providing your customers an average or an excellent experience. Let’s see the various ways in which you can put product videos to use.

1. Videos on store pages

Many retail websites like Amazon have designated store pages to display your business’s products. The landing page can be populated by videos of your star product or a newly launched service so that it becomes the first thing the consumer sees when visiting your page. You can also choose to share the brand ethos with the consumer or the brand’s journey through these e-commerce videos.

2. Videos as advertisements

Short product videos can serve as advertisements before long form video content on platforms like Youtube. They are short enough to catch the viewer’s attention while also introducing the basic aspects of the product.


IKEA, the Swedish multinational furniture conglomerate provides a 360 degree spin video for most of its products. It allows the buyer on their website to view the product from all angles and get a better sense of the item along with dimensions. IKEA also provides the option to view the furniture in your homes through Augmented Reality (AR).


The business giant is ensuring that the consumers who visit their website are given accurate and detailed information about the product. In 2022, the company saw a net sales revenue of 10.4 billion USD through its e-commerce platforms.

3. Demonstration videos

Demonstration videos are a step ahead of the product videos, which are usually short. Demonstration videos clearly show the various tasks that the product can perform with step-by-step instructions. According to Wyzowl, 91% of the people have watched an explainer video to learn more about the product or the service.


Dyson, a multinational technology company manufacturing household appliances is a brilliant example. They have product tutorials and demonstration videos on their website and also on Youtube. Product videos on their website introduce the technology they are using while also showing its potential uses to the consumer.

4. Customer feedback videos

Customer feedback can be effectively represented in an engaging way through experiences and testimonials on social media platforms. User-generated content (UGC), in particular, plays a crucial role in showcasing authentic and relatable feedback from customers, providing valuable insights for brands and influencing purchasing decisions.


For example, Starbucks utilizes social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to encourage customers to share their experiences through photos and videos, creating a vibrant community of brand advocates and driving engagement with user-generated content.


Another example of a brand using videos to showcase customer feedback is Paypal. In this example, a customer of Paypal talks about a way of using Paypal – pooling money for a collective purchase.

5. Review videos

Reviews online are very powerful and when coupled with videos, they create a deeper impression on the prospective buyer who wants to know the experience that other buyers have had. Over 99.9% consumers read online reviews when purchasing online, according to a 2021 report by PowerReviews.


A good example of a brand using review videos is Amazon. By allowing customers to share their experiences through different formats (including videos), Amazon encourages trust and transparency, empowering shoppers to make informed decisions.

Wrapping up

Videos are undeniably the future for any online business. And by investing in video production and incorporating product videos into your marketing strategies, you can create connect with customers on a deeper level. In an era where visual content reigns supreme, videos are not just a luxury but a necessity for staying competitive in the evolving world of e-commerce.


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