Product updates · 3 min read closes $12M in Series A funding

We raised $12M to let you join our video-first world

We're thrilled to share news of $12m Series A. Our goal is to build the video Edge infrastructure, providing outstanding performances to a broader audience.

Cédric Montet

December 13, 2022

I couldn't be more excited to share news of $12m Series A, led by Mina Samaan at MMC, with participation from Open Ocean, Blossom Capital, and Financière St James!

We are living in a video-first world.

Yet, managing online video is complex, and building a mashup of services to let your users upload and share a video from your app is a nightmare for every developer.

We’re thrilled to have already empowered +30,000 developers and +500 products, while most of them haven’t a single clue of what’s a video codec or a CDN over the last 18 months.

Implementing video features into their apps and platforms in minutes drastically increases their end-users engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Moreover, unlocking videos everywhere lets great new use cases flourish every day on top of the API.

From a few new videos uploaded every hour in 2020, half a dozen are uploaded every minute today while viewers from +100 countries enjoy a buffer & latency-free streaming experience.

Building our own Infrastructure from Day1 has been seen as a crazy bet (and not a quiet ride, to be honest 🙂), but the difference is real. We cannot recount how many times customers were stunned by the speed of the service and asked us, « how are you doing that? »

The tailwinds are shaping new video usages

Past versus Present trends

As video production is highly commoditized thanks to the smartphones we have in our pocket, new networks —5G, fiber— let us upload heavy videos in seconds, this bet was the right thing to do. We use to say that we are more than a software company: we are building a true video backbone that can be reached through an API. And the tipping point is now.

Focus on new milestones

We can't wait to deploy this new capital to keep building the video EDGE infrastructure beneath, providing its outstanding performances to a broader audience, and executing our product roadmap.

With this new round comes new milestones, and ours is to ingest 1 Million new videos within the next six months and 1 Billion by 2027. It will massively increase the size of our Infrastructure while, in the meantime, after Crypto, Video has the most important carbon footprint over the Web. We have to address this global problem at our level and join our effort against global warming.

Team effort

I owe a huge thank you to the tremendous team that is brilliantly tackling the complex, technical and deep challenges daily and to all our investors, advisors, customers, and coaches for their unwavering dedication to our mission.

As a founder, this is the most incredible reward you can get, and I can’t wait to meet you if you want to join our journey!

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