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Unlock the complete potential of using Add-Ons

Learn how to use Add-Ons as an customer and understand how to utilize them for your business needs.

June 28, 2023

Did you know that once you become an customer, you have the power to activate even more features?


Yes, additional features we call ‘Add-Ons’.


As it must be clear by the word itself, the Add-Ons offer you a wide set of ‘additional’ services that you can purchase to unlock the full potential of your video experience with The Add-Ons are primarily useful for teams looking to grow and scale faster.


There are four Add-Ons that you get when you become a customer of


  • Projects
  • Members
  • Custom Domains
  • Analytics


Let’s look at them one by one.


A ‘Project’ is a container within your workspace that allows you to isolate a set of videos, live streams, and player themes. Each Project holds its own API keys for authentication.


Creating different Projects is especially helpful if you want to create a clear separation between different customers, companies, or even working environments. The way you choose to organize your videos, streams, and players with Projects will be completely at your disposal.


A ‘Member’ is any person who can access the service. So, you can make others a member of your project and grant them the ability to access and contribute towards effective collaboration and communication.


A ‘Member’ is any person who can access the service. So, you can make others a member of your project and grant them the ability to access and contribute towards effective collaboration and communication.


There are two types of members you can add to your projects:**


Owner: One owner can be added to a single workspace and represents the person who owns the account. He/she can view the account's billing details, change the payment method, and is the only one that can transfer ownership.


Collaborators: It is possible to add as many collaborators as you want per account, to a project. You can invite and work together with collaborators in the common workspace.

Custom Domains

‘Custom Domains’ is a feature that lets you stream videos or live streams from your own domain (such as or


It lets you brand your video URL, comply with network security and increase your SEO ranking.

Analytics (Limited offer)

Analytics is an Add-On that allows you to see how your videos and streams are performing. It shows you the number of plays, how your videos perform in each country, device, and many other things through your dashboard.


You can use this Add-On for free as a part of our free trial ending on July 28, 2023.


Do check it out and use it to your advantage for these bonus days!

How are the Add-Ons helpful

Add-Ons can prove really helpful if you wish to optimize the complete potential of Here are some of the things you can achieve with Add-Ons:


  • Maximise your productivity by managing your customers via dedicated customer video libraries, and inviting collaborator members.
  • Save on monthly fees by managing multiple production environments and accesses under a single workspace.
  • Maximise your efficiency by facilitating coordination between your creators, editors, reviewers, and publishers, and encourage your customers’ firewall management with Custom Domains.
  • Save the extra investment on Video Asset Management (VAM), Production Asset Management (PAM), and other Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools.
  • Optimise your revenue by looking at the usage per project and maximizing the profit with your customers using Analytics.

How to use Add-Ons for your business

Let me share examples of how Add-Ons can be used in three different industries.


E-Learning: If you are an e-learning platform or website, Projects can be useful to classify content and streams based on classrooms, teachers, or mandatory and pre-requisite learnings. Teachers or tutors of the platform can be added as Collaborators so that they can upload tutorials, lessons or conduct a class via live- streaming. Additionally, Custom Domains can help you manage multiple e-schools and their specific firewall requirements.


Social Media: If you are a social media platform, Projects can be helpful to classify content and streams based on brands and targeted destinations. Collaborators, who are often content creators, can easily upload videos via their dashboard, allowing non-technical people to assist in the process. Lastly, Custom Domains can be used to protect and maintain the brand identity through personalized domains.


Marketplace: If you are a marketplace, you can use Projects to monetize your services based on your end customers' usage and maximize your profits. Influencers and content creators can be added as Members to your workspace and Custom Domains can be used to retain and establish the brand identity.


To conclude, Add-Ons will be immensely helpful if you want to extract the maximum output from tools. Use the Add-Ons to facilitate important business decisions, analyse your videos’ performance and collaborate for your ongoing projects.


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