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Broadcast your video to third-party platforms [Beta]: Introducing restreams

馃摙 Today, we are excited to introduce restreaming, a feature that allows you to broadcast your live streams onto multiple platforms simultaneously, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo.

Alexandre Willot

July 13, 2023

Whether you're a budding influencer, a live event organizer, or a brand looking to engage with your target audience, restreaming opens up a realm of possibilities for expanding your reach, increasing engagement, and boosting your brand exposure. Let us read what this new feature at brings with it, how it benefits you, and how to use it.

What is restreaming?

Restreaming, also called multicasting, Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) streaming, live syndication, or simulcasting, is a powerful broadcasting feature that allows you to push video content to multiple destinations simultaneously.

Whether you're running a live event, broadcasting a webinar, or creating on-demand live content, restreaming makes it easy to reach a wider audience as it allows you to broadcast your content to multiple platforms.

馃挕 Restreaming can go by many names across the web, including:

  • Rebroadcasting

  • Multistreaming

  • Multi-broadcasting

  • Parallel broadcasting

  • Simulcasting

  • RTMP passthrough

Benefits of restreaming

Restreaming is a game-changing feature that helps you in a plenty of ways. Let us look at how it can be beneficial to you.

  1. Increased audience reach: Restreaming allows you to simultaneously broadcast your video content across multiple platforms, such as social media networks, video streaming websites, and other online channels. This expands your audience reach and increases the chances of reaching a larger number of viewers.

  2. Enhanced engagement and brand exposure: By restreaming your video, you can engage with viewers on different platforms and cater to their preferences. Moreover, restreaming also enables your video to be seen by a wider audience, exposing your brand and message to new viewers who may not have been aware of your content.

  3. Cost and time efficiency: Instead of individually streaming on each platform, restreaming allows you to broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously. And this means - saved time and money!

  4. Opportunity for repurposing content: You can repurpose existing content across multiple platforms, maximizing its lifespan and value with restreaming.

Which platforms can I restream to?

With's restreaming feature, you can broadcast your content to YouTube, Twitch, or any other RTMP-enabled platform with just a few clicks. You can broadcast your live stream to up to 5 restream destinations, which means you can stream your live content on 5 platforms in total simultaneously.

How does restreaming work on

Restreaming with the API

After creating your live stream (guide), api.video鈥檚 simple API enables you to broadcast to 3rd -party providers your live streams in 2 ways:

Case 1: If your livestream is already created

  1. Use the PATCH /live-streams/{liveStreamId} API route
  2. Set restreams to the third-party destination you want to broadcast your live stream to (Ex: Youtube, Twitch). You can set up to 5 destinations.

Case 2: If your live stream is not created yet and you want to prepare the restream in advance

  1. Use the POST /live-streams API route to create your live stream
  2. Set your restreams to the third-party destinations

Still unsure how to make this work? Simply navigate here to read through the restreaming documentation.

Restreaming from your dashboard

You can also broadcast your live streams to third-party streaming platforms directly from your account.

Restreaming from dashboard

If your stream is already live, navigate to the Livestreams section, select your livestream, and configure your restream destination by giving it a name, a server URL and a stream key.

Hit save, and your livestream will start restreaming to your set destination!


As part of this beta release, restreaming is, as of July 2023, available to all customers, at no additional cost.


At, we are committed to providing you with the best possible video streaming experience. Restreaming is just one example of helping you reach your audience and widening the reach of your videos.

Try to restream your live streams on today and take your video broadcasts to the next level.

And if you haven鈥檛 tried our product yet, remember we offer a free sandbox option where you can test our livestream restreaming feature. Simply sign up for free and get started!

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