Video Streaming

Your audiences are everywhere, and your videos should be as well! We currently have delivery servers in Europe and North America and are actively expanding our network every month.

Whether you have a few videos or thousands, our global (and growing) CDN will make sure your viewers experience low latency and no buffering!

Worldwide delivery

Worldwide delivery

Dedicated in-house infrastructure

Dedicated in-house infrastructure

Adaptive video streaming

All videos at api.video are converted to adaptive bitrate streams. Adaptive video streams adapt the quality of video delivered based on the device and connection speed of the viewer and results in significantly faster startup times and eliminates most playback issues, like buffering.

Edge video infrastructure

Location, location, location. For live streams in particular, the closer the streamer is to the server, the lower the latency and the more stable the stream. Our Edge infrastructure is optimized to prevents bandwidth issues and reduce latency, resulting in a better viewing experience.

Optimized for delivery

We partner with the best network providers in the world to help deliver your videos anywhere with minimal latency.

However and wherever you want to distribute your videos, our infrastructure ensures your viewers get the best quality as fast as possible.

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