Video Streaming

Your audiences are everywhere, and your videos should as well! Our delivery servers are installed in several key points of the world to serve your videos immediately (Europe and North America).

Whether you have a few or thousands of videos, our CDN covers the world.

Global CDN to reach worldwide audience

Global CDN to reach worldwide audience

Private Livestream

Private Livestream

Play videos natively on social platforms

Play videos natively on social platforms

Adaptive video streaming

All videos at api.video are converted to adaptive bitrate streams. Adaptive video streaming is the cutting edge technology used to speed video startup and to eliminate any playback issues. It also ensures that the best video size is delivered to all devices - from smartphones to 4K!

Video geo-replication

To ensure rapid and seamless delivery, all videos are stored in multiple locations around the world. Further, our custom CDN gets your video even closer to your users, caching it at the edge of the internet, everywhere around the world.

Edge video infrastructure

The Edge infrastructure setup prevents bandwidth issues and consequently provides better performances to your users.

oEmbed videos

All videos on our platform support the standard oEmbed, making sharing your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Medium or Slack easier. You can natively play your videos on Twitter.

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