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Our highly customizable HTML5 video player ensures perfect playback in any browser and – because it's responsive – at any size. You can adapt the appearance and functionality to any use case and even create more than one player if needed.

Easy to customize

Easy to customize

Interactive capabilities

Interactive capabilities

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Video player benchmark

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Compare platformsapi.videoBrightcoveWistiaMuxYoutube
Overall Viewer Experience9996959589
Video Startup Time0.02s0.02s0.78s0.12s0s
Player Startup Time2.66s0.79s1.23s0.6s1.3s
Smoothness Score10010010089100
Rebuffer Percentage0%0%0%1%0%


In addition to fast video encoding and streaming, api.video has a fully customizable player that allows you to have greater control over how your video is presented. With our responsive HTML5 player, you can add your logo, change the colors and text, your video subtitles and your video chapters on the fly.

Control & Protect

Easily manage the entire viewer experience with many configuration options. Control access with public or private videos, show or hide the controls, use autoplay, or even hide the title and enable loop mode. Build exactly the viewer experience you want.

Bring your own player

Already have a player you love? It’s easy to integrate your own player with api.video. Simply use our m3u8 manifest link right in the player you already use.


Our unique video metadata feature allows you to store any custom data you want on your videos. Coupled with our rich video analytics API, you can measure anything and everything that happens with your videos.


Generate thumbnail previews for your videos in the blink of an eye by either uploading a custom image or by selecting a specific frame in your video to be used as the thumbnail.


Our HTML5 player supports the oEmbed standard so embedding and sharing your videos is as easy as copy and paste on all popular social media networks and in hundreds of other tools like WordPress and Slack.

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