Video Player

The HTML5 video player is available for each video file you upload to api.video, ensuring perfect playback in any browser. Our player is beautiful and customizable, letting your audiences enjoy your content immediately, with no additional effort on your side.

Easy to customize

Easy to customize

Interactive capabilities

Interactive capabilities

Adaptative bitrate streaming

Adaptative bitrate streaming


In addition to fast video encoding and streaming, api.video has a fully customisable player that allows you to have greater control over how your video is presented. With our responsive HTML5 player, you can add your logo, change the colors and text, your video subtitles and your video chapters on the fly.

Control & Protect

There are few configurable features control the video playback inside the player. You manage the whole watching experience by making your videos public or private, by showing or hiding the controls, by using the autoplay, hide the title or enable the loop mode.

Use your own

Already have a player you love? It’s easy to integrate api.video. Simply use our m3u8 manifest link right in the player you already use.


Use our dynamic metadata API to insert your custom metrics into the viewing data. Measure whatever happens since the first play with Analytics!


Generate a thumbnail to tailor your videos. You can create it either by uploading an image, or by picking a time in the video to be used as thumbnail.


The HTML5 player supports oEmbed protocol to let your audiences play natively your videos on popular social networks (Facebook or Twitter) or tools (such as Slack).

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