Live streaming

Sharing live video is an exciting way to connect with your audience. api.video lets you live stream your event in few lines of code and reach your audience anywhere in the world.

Deliver a great user experience with adaptive bitrate delivery and manage one or several concurrent live events up to 4K.

We have walkthroughts and sample codes to help you stream from your browser, Zoom, OBS, your phone or from a Raspberry Pi.

DVR feature

DVR feature

Private Livestream

Private Livestream

Unlimited simultaneous lives

Unlimited simultaneous lives

Up to 4K

Up to 4K

Private Live Stream

Securely limit your audience to a live streaming event (a concert, a class, a speech, ...) while relying on a secure API solution.

Private live stream ensures that your stream URL cannot be shared to viewers who are not authorized.

Our private token system is fully server-side, so developers don't have to take care about the security and the management of the token.

Go Live from a browser

If you're building a live streaming app and you want your users to be able to go live easily, installing a piece of software could cause friction and possibly a waste of time.

Whether you’re broadcasting to hundreds or few thousands of viewers, api.video makes it easy to stream directly from your browser.

This solution can be used to stream from any browser, anywhere in the world, with only a webcam.

DVR feature

Have you ever missed a line in a live stream, and wished you could hear it again? Our live streams allow users to “rewind” the live stream, in order to view parts of the video that are in the “past.”

With instant replay, your users can watch previous section of your live (up to 5 minutes from the live point).

Live Stream Analysis

The analytics allow you to better understand who is consuming your content. You can extract the data using the Analytics API in JSON format, and then ingested the data into a database for fast and easy queries.

Monitor the key metrics of your live stream: the location, device, browser, ...

On-demand Recording

Live streams can be automatically recorded and available right after your live event to share with your users. The video will be re-encoded as video on demand (VOD) when the livestream ends.

Live Video Customization

Our video player is fully customizable, and each livestream can have a customized video poster.

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