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Jobylon transitioning to Ensuring data security and seamless integration for video screening in enterprise hiring

Secure and compliant integration of videos into the recruitment process.

Jobylon Testimonial

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Aref: Initially we had another vendor, which we later on switched to you guys. Primarily out of information security and privacy aspects. So now we are a lot more happier with that and the product itself. We did an extensive transfer impact assessment, we do that on all of our vendors. And it's very few vendors that live up to that, to that kind of criteria. When venturing out of the startup world and into the deep end of corporate and enterprise clients, It often surprises us how rigorous these large companies can be in certain aspects. One of the most important things these companies consider when choosing a new provider or partner is how they deal with data security. It can be a deal breaker since they often have to adhere to specific regulations, and not all platforms and providers can do this.

We had the Opportunity to sit down with Aref, the CEO of Jobylon to delve into their Journey of finding the right video infrastructure provider.


Aref: We work with an applicant tracking system for enterprise customers, let say 2000 employees and upwards. When applying to jobs, a lot of customers more and more are asking for video applications, and basically use that as, kind of a first screening.

When implementing the video screening, the question was, what do we do? How do we do it? Do we build it ourselves? We're a fan of not reinventing the wheel. But also from us, things like privacy, GDPR, information security is extremely important because it's in terms very important for our customers.

So having the right partner, that does, you know, what we need to do from a functional perspective, but also does it, in the correct way, the way we need to do it. When dealing with companies headquartered in Europe, GDPR comes into play. It's a significant challenge to keep up to date with these data privacy and compliance especially because they undergo constant updates. After Jobylon had selected as their video provider, then came the added challenge of implementation and integration into their platform. We were curious of how they fared. This is what Aref had to say.


Aref: That went very, very smoothly and, well, I mean, you guys were very helpful during the implementation. We had always access to the engineers and the team. So that's the only thing and the main thing you can ask for, to have a smooth ride. We reached out to you guys and then I felt like the whole, you know, team is on the other side working to, to help them, and fix the problem, which you guys did in the same day.

And I think that for me is 90% of every partnership, right? So a lot of a lot of companies do what you do. A lot of companies do what we do. but I think the partnership and the way you view these things when you actually need the partner, that's for me is key. And that's where you guys really stepped up. And I'm very, very thankful for that.