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HackÜ: Educating rural communities with’s adaptive bitrate streaming

Delivering video content, whether it be educational or training to underserved communities can be quite the challenge.

HackÜ Testimonial

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Alejandro: When I googled about some solution that can help us to improve our experience, we found and our problems have been solved. Delivering video content, whether it be educational or training to underserved communities, can be quite the challenge. Here's how Alejandro, CTO of HackÜ, explains in his own words the importance of what the company's doing.


Alejandro: What HackÜ does is educate those who have never had access to education. Those who have no idea what an email is, or how to reset a password, how to access platforms like Udemy or Coursera, which is more or less 80% of Latin America market. People that work in the countryside have been our main impact because over there WhatsApp is the only thing that works and the only videos that load are in 240p or 114p.

We've worked on projects for sustainable agriculture and a lot of other things, primarily for a lot of companies, for example Corona with their employees, regarding the topic of barley production, they need to train people in the field, to make the beer and they don't have a way to educate them on the practical way of doing things. Before they had to bring them to Mexico City, thousands of people form around the whole country to get educated, in a convention center, and now they are doing it through educational videos so it's an impact that is just getting started, but it'll be big. It's an exciting promise, giving education and video content to these communities with limited internet access. But how exactly did HackÜ you manage to incorporate’s global CDN, and versatile infrastructure to fit their specific needs?


Alejandro: We have the implementation in two parts: one part for our clients because our clients decide to upload some videos to train their users. And the other side that we use for, is related with the distribution to the final client.

The magical point is, I think, because adapts the quality. We have some users in some spaces in Latin America that have only 2G speed of internet and, allows us to adapt with no delays and no freezes. We asked Alejandro to tell us a bit about how the implementation process went for HackÜ and


Alejandro: I hadn't found a solution that can be as easy as it goes. With, I found a solution where I can put my credit card, put my email, invite my team, make the implementation and go to production. I think this process is the magic, because we can advance with the implementation. You have a lot of documentation that is continuously updated. So as a CTO or as a technical user it's a magical point for our business.