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Denis: From the time that I found out about API video, it was as easy as me signing up, getting on a free trial, connecting it to my app. And and I started testing, you know, all within probably less than a couple hours. For product builders, the world of online video can be quite challenging to get into. With so many tools out there claiming to solve the same kind of problems. Picking the right one for your app can drain both time and resources.

We talked with Denis Estmon, a serial entrepreneur and the brains behind, for his take on navigating this tricky terrain.

This is what he had to say about making sense of the complex world of online video.


Denis: I think, traditional video hosting platforms are very bulky. In the past I used S3. You know, I'm new to this development world, so a lot of that stuff can get very complicated, very fast, at least from my point of view.

The issue with a lot of platforms is that they offer one part of the service, but not the whole thing. Or like they might offer, some of the functionalities, but they might not do storing very well or if they do storing, it will be very expensive. is that kind of one stop shop for the video hosting and the live streaming, I think what's unmatched is the usability. it's simple. It's easy to use. And, you know, you don't have to be an expert developer to get it up. You don't have to jump through a hundred different hoops to try to test it and you can get started within, under an hour, pretty much. The democratization of online video is what is all about. No matter your technical experience. That's why we have plugins and SDK for all types of platforms and programing languages. This allows everyone from beginners to experienced developers, to build interactive video experiences.


Denis: I'm also a no code developer, so I'm leveraging platforms like Bubble. And it seems that is one of the best platforms that integrates with Bubble.

The thing about bubble is, I was looking for a solution for hosting for a long time with Bubble, and I tried many different tools, and I finally got to through a forum post that I saw. So I think a lot of other Bubble users are having similar issues. So they just need to know that exists you know?

And then the other thing too, with Bubble, they don't do a great job with file management. So you kind of have to bring in some type of external file management source.

So, you know, was that was that solution. and then from the Bubble side, it's, the fact that you guys have the uploader widget, the player widget, those are all things that are there like that that are super helpful.

So then now as we look at our product roadmap and we're trying to integrate live streaming and do all of these different things, is that simple solution for us, you know, moving forward.