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Migrate your videos easily with the Import Tool from

The import tool is a Next.js application that allows you to easily import your videos hosted at different hosting provider to import tool

The video import tool from

Need to migrate you videos from a hosting provider to Quickly and easily import your videos from Vimeo, Dropbox, Zoom, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, MUX, Azure Media Services, Azure Blob Storage or Wistia directly to

The tool provides a simple and straightforward interface for completing the import process, which involves a few steps:

  1. Select the platform from which you want to import videos.
  2. Enter your credentials for that platform.
  3. Select the specific videos you want to import.
  4. Run the import and follow its progress.

In addition to this core feature, the import tool also allows users to view a list of all previous imports and see the status of each one. This can be useful for keeping track of the progress of ongoing imports or for checking on the status of imports that have already been completed.

We built this tool to help you quickly import your already hosted videos to the platform. Take advantage of our API with your existing content.

For more information, check the links below.

Product Demo

If you are migrating from an other platform, here is an easy guide on how to import your videos to In this example, we'll show you how to move your videos from Azure Media Services, using our Video Import Tool.

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