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This plugin allows you to use the main features of in your web application (video upload, video player, API calls) without having to write a single line of code. plugin for

About is a visual programming platform that enables users to build web applications without writing code. It offers a drag-and-drop interface for designing and creating responsive web applications, making it accessible to users without extensive programming knowledge. provides a wide range of built-in functionalities and integrations, allowing users to create complex and fully functional web apps quickly and efficiently. It's popular among entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses for its speed of development and ease of use in creating custom web applications.

About the video plugin from

This plugin contains the following elements and actions:

  • video player element
  • video uploader element
  • API actions (list videos, generate upload token, ...)

The plugin for aims to facilitate using services in your Bubble applications.

The plugin is composed of:

  • a visual element called "player" allowing you to integrate the player easily in your applications
  • a visual element called "uploader" allowing you to integrate a form input field of type "file," which will automatically upload the video selected by the user to
  • several predefined API calls that will allow you to perform actions such as retrieve the list of your videos, generate a token to upload a video, or delete a video (all without worrying about technical details like authentication)

To benefit from all this, the first step is to install the plugin in your application.


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