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Benefits cloud video plateform

Top 5 benefits of a cloud video platform

How a cloud video platform can benefit your business

Erikka Innes

November 17, 2021

The benefits of a cloud video platform

The cloud is collections of servers in data centers that run software, maintain databases and serve all kinds of content to all the corners of the world. As we make it easier to create and share video by adding technologies like fast 5G networks and cheaper camera equipment, more and more people are creating video content. To handle the demand, most video streaming platforms use the cloud. Netflix famously started the move to the cloud after a corrupted database prevented them from mailing anyone their DVDs for 3 days! YouTube uses the cloud, and so does There are many benefits to providing video via the cloud.

1. You can use a network that can handle video streaming and heavy traffic

A major benefit to using a cloud video platform is that it's up to someone else to handle the technical details of video streaming and coping with heavy traffic. You can just add video to your company portal, or build your own viewing interface or whatever you like.

2. Lower cost

It's less money for your business or project if you don't have to store your video content, manage the servers with the content, or hire an IT team. Instead, you pay for a video service, like, and everything is stored and managed for you.

3. Video focused content delivery network

If you choose a cloud video platform like, you get to use our private content delivery network. Because handles only video content, the network is optimized to provide the best experience when working with video. Many companies that work with video have their own networks for their content, including Netflix - their network is called Netflix Open Connect.

4. Continuity

When you store content yourself, you have to have a plan for what happens if part of your system goes down. If you use a cloud service for your video, this is handled for you. By storing it in the cloud, it can be replicated and maintained in multiple locations if need be, so that your video is always there when you need it.

5. Mobility

If your video content is stored in the cloud, it's easier to access. You can stream content at home or a coffee shop, anywhere there's internet, you'll be able to get to your videos and interact with them. and the cloud

At, all our services are in the cloud. We use our own Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure fast, reliable uploading, transcoding, and delivery.

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