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How to build the next Netflix

June 4, 2018 - Anne-Sophie Poupard

So you want to compete with one of the world’s largest corporations, a household brand name that operates just about everywhere?

Netflix availability in red countries

Awesome! We love a good challenge just as much as the next API provider. Building the next Netflix is no small task. Creating a so called “global TV network” requires a complex set of skills and knowledge. Remember, Netflix is a global platform, not just a content delivery network. Along with your streaming content, there’s the recommendation system, content database, the global farm of servers, and a constantly reliable payments system to support it all. Quite a lot of tools to juggle!

As you start on your journey towards global content domination, it’s important to find tools that quickly and easily integrate with each other, that way you can spend less time coding your site and more time finding great content for your audience. Here are a few APIs you can use to get started:

  1. Algolia — Search Platform Algolia offers a reliable search platform for building search into your next Netflix. Their search engine API offers many features necessary for a robust search and database platform, including typo-tolerance, geosearch, and language-agnostic queries.
  1. Stripe — Monetization

Stripe provides APIs that web developers can use to integrate payment processing into their websites and mobile applications. Their online payment processing system includes anti-fraud tools that run alongside their payments API in case of fraudulent transactions. You’ll need a robust payments platform to keep your global TV network running.

  1. api.video — Video Management Platform

Our api.video platform is video infrastructure for product builders. This means that you can start within minutes, integrating a video stream (or streams) into your product using only a few lines of code. Our API was built specifically to answer frequently requested and long tail, on-demand videos, which means it’s the perfect tool if you’re trying to build the next Netflix. Our cloud infrastructure optimizes encoding and delivery for any network. Whether it’s 4K, HD, or SD, we guarantee videos that stream to any screen in the best quality possible.

Using APIs to build your next Netflix will help you scale easily along with your audience. Minimizing the integration grunt work can save you time on development and coding, which means more bandwidth for creating your next site and service. You can reach our community to ask questions or create a free account to start building now.


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