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Add, host and the manage videos for multiple projects.

Empower everyone with easy and secure video integration. Add videos to your websites or applications within a few minutes. All in one solution to handle all the video complexity.

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Easy implementation & integration

  • No-code and low-code tools
  • Ecosystem with many plugins, clients, and libraries
  • Quick integration with your favourite apps

Secure and reliable video platform

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Secured API authentication
  • 99% uptime to guarantee your clients videos availability

Fast upload to flawless playback

  • 0.02s to play a video
  • No video buffering
  • Highest quality playback experience
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Integrate videos into your client's website or mobile application. Give your clients the autonomy and freedom to upload and manage their videos in their own time with just a few clicks.


Add videos into your educational product in seconds. Offer high-quality video streaming in a branded video player and benefit from private video settings provided by the API.


Add video upload feature to your client’s product page and deliver view analytics to provide insightful feedback.

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Creating the best experience for you and for your clients


Set up in minutes

Develop iOS, Android, and web apps with a single source code using our player.


Scalable infrastructure

Our infrastructure embraces small to very large projects. No limits on the number of video uploads, formats, and sizes.


Player customization

Customize your player’s colour, logo, text, and thumbnail. Option for subtitles, captions, and flexible privacy settings and more.


User-friendly interface

Upload, customize, and manage your videos using our intuitively designed dashboard interface.


Multiple projects

Multiple workspaces designed for you who is looking to work on several businesses and projects at once.

Contact us provides us with an SDK that enables us to implement video quickly and securely into client projects. The advanced branding and analytics capabilities means we can help our clients see the value of video”

Pierre-Henri Amalric, CEO, Xperteam

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