More than 65% of viewers say that YouTube content feels like real life.

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Encourage engagement and retain attention

People are leaving Facebook for TikTok and there are now more Stories than pictures on Instagram. Social network success lies in the ability to catch and retain users' attention. Provide the experience your users are expecting by allowing them to share videos with the people that matter to them.

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More engagement

More engagement

More time on your platform

More time on your platform

Increase user retention

Increase user retention

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of the Gen Z teens said they proactively share YouTube videos with their parents or other family members.*

Video sharing

Strengthen your social network by adding video upload features and improve user experience. Your users are more likely to watch a video than any other type of content. With api.video, the videos are instantly available worldwide and on any screen in seconds.


of people say they feel the need to connect with and better understand others through video content.*

Video messaging

Bring value to the network and facilitate the communication between your users. In a click, users can film themselves to share their message without any limitation. Thanks to our Android and iOS SDKs, you can easily integrate videos into your app.


of people surveyed say they typically switch between online search and video when researching product to buy.*


Just like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or LinkedIn did it, with api.video it’s your turn to add video, the most efficient and engaging format for interaction into your social network. It just takes minutes of development to allow your users to share their experiences with their communities!


of viewers say that YouTube content feels like real life.*

Live stream

Provide to your users all necessary tools to launch a live video to their network. Set up a live stream easily in a few steps. Using the same api.video integration, broadcast live streams, and save them for later for viewers who missed the stream - all with the same api.video APIs.

*Study from Think with google

“Garage-O-Matic is the social network dedicated to old cars fans. We have your product working on a test harness working with the feature set implemented using Amazon Elemental Media Convert. I am extremely happy about this!”

Michael Brown, CEO

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