More than half consumers serveyed said online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy.*


Improve user experience and accelerate sales

Customers shopping in online marketplaces often are skeptical about the products. Video can provide more detail, thereby increasing customer confidence. Improve user experience, increase and accelerate user sales by allowing sellers to upload videos on their classifieds and customers to create video reviews.

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Better experience

Better experience

More sales

More sales

More engagement

More engagement

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of people surveyed say they typically switch between online search and video when researching product to buy.*

Product discovery

Improve your marketplace by adding video upload features in the product page, whether it’s on your website or your app. api.video will ingest sellers’ video files and make them immediately available on the classified inside a branded video player. You’ll be able to deliver view analytics to your sellers and measure over time how video helps customers to accelerate their sales cycle.


increase in views of haul videos.*

Video reviews

Provide insightful feedback about a service or product offered by your marketplace and avoid fake reviews that could harm your reputation by allowing your users to share their experience in video.


more likely to prefer watching a tutorial video than reading instructions.*

Instruction manuals

No longer do you need “IKEA-like” instructions for assembly or operation. A video can walk users through the steps of setting up a new tool, building their new furniture, or simply show them all of the features available.

*Study from Think with google

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