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Get started within minutes or manually upload videos through the user interface. Once your videos are uploaded, we'll take care of rest; everything from encoding your video, securely storing it, and making it availble for worldwide delivery!

Secure video uploads

Secure video uploads

Any video format accepted

Any video format accepted

No-code options

No-code options

Empower your users to share screen and camera recordings instantly.

api.video's revolutionary approach to video processing allows you to record and upload videos simultaneously. With Progressive Upload you can enhance your products and apps with video messaging.

  • A faster process to encode videos: reduce latency from video upload to video delivery
  • Upload large files without compromising on speed

Upload large video files

No matter how big your video files are, we can handle them. Our global EDGE infrastructure is built to ingest huge quantities of data without missing a beat. For more information on the best ways to send videos to api.video check out our tutorials on how to upload videos with JavaScript or with Python.

Delegated uploads

Securely allow your users to upload their videos without exposing your API keys. Delegated tokens work like public keys to your api.video account. We give you fine-grained control over how long these tokens last, anywhere from a few minutes to forever–and remove them anytime.

Fully cloud integrated

Alongside the API itself, we offer many highly performant ways to keep in sync or transfer videos from other cloud providers and storage services.

Upload and share your videos in a few clicks

A no-code tool to upload your videos directly into your local folder! As easy as drag and drop!

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