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Get started few only few lines of code. One of the first things you need to do is to upload your videos and get them loaded into web-service. Once the videos are uploaded, api.video takes care of encoding the video into streams for delivery to your users.

Secure video uploads

Secure video uploads

Any video format accepted

Any video format accepted

Upload with JavaScript

Upload with JavaScript

Upload large videos

When uploading large videos, they must be broken into 100MB chunks to ensure delivery. Then the video segments will be reassembled on the server. Other techniques are possible for large video file, the upload with JavaScript or with Python. When processing is finished, you'll be able to see a thumbnail for your video and play it from your dashboard.

Delegated Uploads

api.video offers a delegated upload token to simplify the upload of videos. This token works like a public key to your api.video account, allowing secure uploads without exposing your API key. This means you can create an authorization token, and choose how long your authorization token lasts, anywhere from a few minutes to forever. The value in using a delegated upload token is that you don't expose your api key, authorization token, or refresh token. To avoid abuse, you can revoke a token or set a 'time to live' (TTL).

Upload files from third parties

Alongside the API itself, we offer many highly performant pathways with the scalability and speed you need to simplify the data transfer process from your existing provider thanks to Zapier.

Upload a video file using Python

If Python is your programming language of choice, and you want to quickly upload videos, use one of those scripts

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