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api.video gives you access to a resilient infrastructure designed to host and manage online videos. api.video features lightning fast encoding, so your videos are ready to playback quickly. But great video delivery does not stop with creating responsive and adaptive streaming video.

To ensure rapid and seamless delivery, all videos are stored in multiple locations around the world. Further, our custom CDN gets your video even closer to your users, caching it at the edge of the internet, everywhere around the world.

Fast video encoding

Fast video encoding

Up to 4K

Up to 4K

Original file source backup

Original file source backup

Adaptive video streaming

All videos at api.video are converted to adaptive bitrate streams. Adaptive video streaming is the cutting edge technology used to speed video startup and to eliminate any playback issues. It also ensures that the best video size is delivered to all devices - from smartphones to 4K!

Secure video storage

api.video provides the availability and throughput needed to stream video directly to your websites and apps. Don't worry about the hosting, distribution or even building the CDN - we make sure your video is on the edge of the internet for you, securely.


All videos are stored redundantly to eliminate any chance of data loss.

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