Video Encoding

You shouldn't have to be a video engineer to build compelling video experiences into your product. We take care of all the complexity around transcoding, transmuxing, and compressing your content into formats optimized for Adaptative Bitrate Streaming (ABR) and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) so that your videos look their best, no matter what sort of connection your viewers are on.

Instant encoding

Instant encoding

From 240p to 4K

From 240p to 4K

Classic or 360 video

Classic or 360 video

Outstanding Encoding Performance

The following test was last performed on 17 December 2021 using this benchmark.

The source code for the test is available here.

api.videojwplayerCloudfareAWSVimeo ProYouTube
First encoded quality4.48s4.79sn/an/an/an/a
All qualities encoded22.83s20.12s17.16s59.75s21.61s147.22s
Playback starts5.72s22.74s19.20s61.68s24.16sn/a

*n/a: the information is not provided by the service

Instant Video Encoding

We run all our own infrastructure in order to squeeze the best performance out of each stage of the video pipeline. Our encoding times are the fastest in the industry, so you'll never be waiting around for your videos to encode.

Formats & Codecs

A codec's job is to compress and decompress video files. Our team has decades of combined experience getting the most out of videos in the smallest possible amount of space. api.video supports videos in nearly all codecs and formats (including, webm, mp4 (h.264 h.265), .mov, .avi)

Resolution & Bitrate

api.video transcodes video to the following qualities by default.

ResolutionFPSVideo BitrateAudio Bitrate
240p18250 KBPS96 KBPS
360p25800 KBPS128 KBPS
480p251400 KBPS128 KBPS
720p252600 KBPS128 KBPS
1080p304400 KBPS128 KBPS
4K6016000 KBPS128 KBPS

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