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Progressive Upload

Our revolutionary approach to video processing allows you to record and upload videos simultaneously, resulting in a tremendous impact on the speed. With Progressive Upload you can enhance your products and apps with video messaging and empower your users to share screen and camera recordings in a flash. See it in aciton now!

Get faster video encoding times

Progressive Upload has an enormous impact on the video encoding times, enabling users to record and upload a video on the fly. This is particularly useful when working with larger video files. Since uploading is happening simultaneously with recording, encoding can begin and finish much sooner. From a conference keynote to a baseball game - leveraging the Progressive Upload feature will allow you to put your content in front of your users in no time.

Build Loom-like video applications (recordings)

Communication and information consumption via video is a far more natural and rich method than using text or static images. With Progressive Upload, you can easily add screen and camera recordings to your applications and products. From customer support to team collaboration, sharing recordings of step-by-step walkthroughs with a personalized narrative is a highly efficient and relevant way to bring a message across in a powerful way.

Add video messaging to your apps

Video messaging is an exceptionally powerful tool in any workflow context. By leveraging Progressive Upload, your users can exchange ideas and share knowledge without trying to overcome time zone differences or schedule conflicts. From feedback to status updates, the ability to share recordings simplifies the workflow dramatically, improves communication, and saves valuable time.