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My journey at api.video as digital nomad

Hi. I’m Doug, and I lead the developer relations (DevRel) team here at api.video. I’ve been working in developer relations for about 15 years now. I’d like to tell you a bit about my journey to api.video, and what I love about working here.

In 2015, my family packed up our home, put everything in storage, and began traveling the world as digital nomads. We’ve been in over 30 countries (and over 300 AirBnbs). After about a year, my employer told me that I could no longer work while traveling internationally. Given that ultimatum - I went freelance.

Many people in DevRel travel a lot – they attend conferences, give talks and work to promote the company/product that they work on. As a freelancer, I was able to leverage my traveling with speaking at events for my employers – in locations they typically would not reach out to. My traveling lifestyle & work were a nice match.

In early 2019, I discovered api.video, and saw they had a DevRel position open. I’ve been fascinated with video for years (I launched a video livestreaming product at AT&T before it was cool). Needless to say, I was excited – it sounded like a perfect job for me! Reading deeper, and I found that api.video is fully remote!

When I first spoke with Cedric and Anne-Sophie, I was on a train from Sweden to Denmark, and (of course) the call dropped on the bridge as I crossed the border. The job was a great fit, the API is great and easy to use – making it easy to share how it works with developers. Most importantly, they had no issue with me having no set location.

We kept in touch for a few months, and I joined the team in February 2020. Since then, I’ve worked from Albania, Croatia (lockdown 1), Slovenia, Germany, France, UK (lockdown 2) and the USA.

I really love working in developer relations because every day is different. I might be writing a sample app, creating a blog, doing live support on a technical issue, or looking through all the product suggestions, and helping create user stories. Since our product is developer-first, I’m right on the front lines – helping our customers and ensuring that we succeed in delivering a product that is easy to use – allowing our customers to go build other cool features, and we handle the video for them.

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