We're on a mission to building the backbone for online video

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We are a visual species. Our minds react instinctively to motion, and we learn best by watching others. Writing has been a detour.

The camera is our new keyboard. We at api.video believe that people will end up coming back to the most natural and universal way to communicate with each other.

The internet was designed to move text from one place to another, not to move video. This is why we face everyday poor quality, buffering, wait for transcoding, and latency on livestreams. This is why we are building the backbone that our video-first World needs.

Our Values

These are the core values we rely on everyday. We team up to eliminate friction when it comes to video.

🎯 Be Bold

We will not build the video backbone the Web deserves if we stay in our comfort zone and do not consistently raise the bar in everything we do.

We are all investing in this Mission our most precious asset: our time. Stay curious, challenge yourself, learn and become better everyday.

Act Fast

Test fast, fail fast, learn, retry and finally succeed.

Only risky decisions will generate great outcomes. You will not be blamed if that decision turns out badly until you understand why and gather learnings from that. Taking decisions to move on is always better than the status quo.

🌱 Grow with Humility

We can't know everything. After all we are Humans.

We might all be experts in our respective field but only the combinaison of our skills makes us a great Team. Stay humble whatever your expertise is and share your knowledge, insights, network… to help others grow with you. Always remember that you can expect the same from anyone in the company. Learn from others to grow your mind and get credit from the Team.

🔗 Be Reliable

As one Team with a common mission, we can count on each other. Don’t hesitate to ask for help! We value those who doesn’t hesitate to help their teammates and share with them their knowledge.

You’re lucky enough to have some spare time? That’s great, don’t hesitate to help your teammates and to share them your knowledge

Be Trustworthy

We care about each other enough to give wise and actionable advice to anyone. But we also care about each other enough to accept constructive criticisms.

Work from anywhere

Work from anywhere

Fast-paced, detail-oriented

Fast-paced, detail-oriented

Environment of growth

Environment of growth

Our Internal Organization

We’re building a video web-service we strongly believe in — grown by a team of dedicated, curious and passionated people. We believe that we cannot succeed alone on an outcome. That's why we don't go by the traditional organization split by departments (marketing, sales, engineering, support, finance and so on). We've built multi-disciplinary teams where every member can bring his unique skills and expertises to others to achieve a common goal.

By joining us, you will work in an international environment, addressing challenges that will impact millions of people.

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